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Search Process

Acumen's Search Process


Our search process is designed to ensure our clients receive a comprehensive service that delivers results. We meet and interview every candidate we represent, because we have a vested interest in making sure our client's brief is fulfilled, with very little time wasted.  

Every search we undertake is a combined effort - we work as a team to ensure an expeditious search that ends in a successful outcome. As a team, we have easily hired over 1000 people collectively; from bartenders & service staff, to CEO's and board level executives. 

We take our work very seriously because we know our long-term success is driven by the high quality of work we do. Our search process is a partnership between Acumen Search Partners and our clients, where collaboration is key and a central part of our 3 stage process:



  • We'll meet with you to obtain a full brief of the role and the background to the function

  • Pre-identify candidates and take soundings of their interest

  • Conduct market research and engage with our candidate pools

  • Begin a long-list process and document suitability, experience, availability and motivation

  • Review the resulting long-list of candidates with you and agree on the preferred candidates for the shortlist

  • Acumen will conduct personal interviews with each shortlisted candidate and evaluate their candidacy in respect of the role, the culture of the firm and the team fit

  • Meet with the client to present the shortlist with full candidate summaries inclusive of compensation, benefits, notice period and overall work experience

  • Work with the client to ensure ED&I metrics are summarised in the search

  • Arrange interviews, provide expert interview preparation to the candidate and advise on best-practice regarding the interview process for the client




  • Carefully manage the communications to all parties for the final stage interview(s) 

  • Arrived at the chosen candidate and manage communication throughout the offer stage to ensure that all parties can reach a satisfactory arrangement

  • Formal offer is made, followed by formal referencing support

  • Maintain close contact with the candidate through their resignation phase and ensure a seamless transition to our client's firm

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