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What’s your Employment Shop-Front like?

Who is conducting your first interviews? Have they been coached on how to be the employment shop front for your business?

True story: I have an international banking client that had a hiring manager who would meet the candidate, talk to them for a few minutes, and then just get up and walk out of the room, without an explanation for their departure! The applicants would end up waiting for a while, and then had to enquire at reception on whether the interviewer was coming back?!

After this was discovered, the bank’s management asked us to attend and train their staff on the importance of the ‘candidate experience’ and how to ensure a consistent interviewing approach.


Recruitment is almost always one of the top 3 business challenges for most companies. So, it makes sense to say that attracting your specialists should be treated as if you are prospecting for gold! Everything you can do to warmly attract job candidates and take them through the process with empathy and goodwill will play a huge part in the way potential employees view your company. If the candidate is successful, their entire engagement experience will be memorable, leaving a lasting impression that can impact their loyalty to the business,

Alternatively, when a candidate is rejected with compassion & understanding, and left feeling okay about why they weren’t successful, it does wonders for your reputation. Clear and empathetic communication is essential. The goal would be to have that candidate consider re-applying for a more suitable role in the future.

A negative experience means never again!

Also, any negative social media resulting from a negative candidate experience, could kill your employment momentum and without doubt, damage your competitive edge in a finite candidate market-place.

Pointers for Leaders:

  • Assess your Engagement Team and make sure they are on-point. Do they have the tools to properly sell your company to candidates? Are you getting a strong ROI from your team?

  • Dull, photocopied ‘New Employee Employment Packs’ should be avoided! Glam up all of your Employee documents – there are hundreds of snazzy corporate document templates available online.

  • Ensure a Head of Department or member of the executive team is sitting in on assessment centres – make sure everyone is conveying the right message to your candidates.

  • Change up the interview process for key hires and be one of the first people they meet. If you’ve been targeting a key hire, get in there quick to ensure they are engaged, your way.

  • Contribute to the engagement culture: If you can’t be there - a welcome video goes a long way!

  • Socialise the onboarding process to ensure that everyone feels supported during their induction and happy to be joining the team. A drink at the pub after work, or team lunch at a restaurant can have a very positive effect and build loyalty.

  • Request anonymised feedback from your new employees on how they felt during their induction phase. Cascade constructive feedback to all employees and management, to ensure everyone understands the importance of building an inclusive, diverse and supportive employee culture.

  • Invest in technology that simplifies the employee onboarding process. The less admin, the better!

  • Ensure all onboarding targets for employees are S.M.A.R.T. objectives with the emphasis on achievable!

The cost of losing a skilled employee to a competitor can be huge. Think of the lost hours because of lost expertise. It can take anything up to a year to replace and train the new employee to a competent level. And then of course, there are the costs of replacing the candidate either through advertising or via agencies.

The importance of the candidate experience and onboarding process plays a significant part in defining the culture of your business. Training your hiring managers to set out the 'employment shop-front' will help to instil your cultural values from the outset.

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