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Client Services

Market Mapping

Acumen Search Partners actively builds market maps of key leadership candidates across the breadth of the hospitality sector in the UK.    

We also have experience in undertaking mapping projects for clients who want to understand the structure of their key competitors. From this research, we are able to provide costings analyses and benchmarking against the wider market. 


The problem with Salary Guides is that they are published annually and only reflect the salary data compiled over the last year. Of course, this can be very useful information but sometimes you may be looking for a more detailed or specific analysis of the candidate market. 

Benchmarking analysis enables you to learn how your key competitors'
 leadership teams are structured, how responsibility is assigned within the organisation, typical salary comparisons, or to assess the various levels of seniority that manage the business as a whole. 

This insight, provided with detailed analysis on 'how, why and who' provides our clients with enhanced metrics to enable improved decision-making and optimisation of team performance.

Professional Assessments

The more senior the position, the more impact their performance can affect the bottom line of the organisation. Acumen Search Partners can work with clients to find independent and objective assessment solutions, such as psychometric testing or more advanced techniques, such as Hogan Personality Assessments, to incorporate into the process. This removes any element of perceived bias from the process and enables clarity in decision-making on selecting the best candidate.

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