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Specialists in Hospitality

Acumen Search Partners combines our first-hand experience as hospitality leaders and executive search specialists to source the most suitable candidates for our clients. We deploy innovative recruitment techniques and a bespoke service that few of our competitors can match, covering Hotels, Restaurants and Bars and Food & Beverage Services.


With so much industry experience between us, we possess an enviable network of leaders in hospitality and leisure, spanning the full spectrum of the industry from food & drink suppliers, 5-star hoteliers, and equipment wholesalers to the best restaurants and bars in the country.


Whether you are looking for that all-important leader for your business, or a new role that best fits your skills, we look forward to making that journey as comfortable and smooth as possible. 

About Us

Acumen Search Partners combines traditional search processes with innovative recruitment techniques that few other companies will offer, including detailed market mapping, cloud-based technology and advanced search techniques. We coach our clients and our candidates on how to optimise the interview process so that both parties are fully satisfied with the outcome. 

Meet The Team 

We first met as managers at one of Europe's largest and highest grossing restaurants at the time. As a team, we progressed in understanding the importance of providing service that exceeds the expectations of our clientele.  

Meet The Team
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Mac Plumpton



Tim Mills


Diversity - Equity - Inclusion

Acumen Search Partners believes that every healthy business or organisation should maintain a diverse, fair and inclusive culture for their employees to thrive in.  We support our clients initiatives to achieve these goals and make them an integral part of our search process.

We’re committed to finding the very best candidates for every assignment we work on. That commitment means treating every individual with dignity and respect for who they are as a person, as well as their professional experience. A diverse and inclusive culture enriches business by bringing in new perspectives or awareness that fosters improved communications, products and services to the marketplace. 

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Thorough research, commercial awareness and a distinct focus on our client needs is what sets us apart. Our combined experience of over 60 years in restaurants, bars, hotel management & recruitment means we understand your business needs, and we have a strong understanding of the kind of people that would be most suitable to support your business.  Above all, we want to make sure that you are fully satisfied with every step of our service. We aim to reach the same high standards that you use in looking after your patrons and guests. 

Acumen's Search Process


Our search process is designed to ensure our clients receive a comprehensive service that delivers results. We meet and interview every candidate we represent, because we have a vested interest in making sure our client's brief is fulfilled, with very little time wasted.  

Every search we undertake is a combined effort - we work as a team to ensure an expeditious search that ends in a successful outcome. As a team, we have easily hired over 1000 people collectively; from bartenders & service staff, to CEO's and board level executives. 

We take our work very seriously because we know our long-term success is driven by the high quality of work we do. Our search process is a partnership between Acumen Search Partners and our clients, where collaboration is key and a central part of our 3 stage process:

Seach Process



  • We'll meet with you to obtain a full brief of the role and the background to the function

  • Pre-identify candidates and take soundings of their interest

  • Conduct market research and engage with our candidate pools

  • Begin a long-list process and document suitability, experience, availability and motivation

  • Review the resulting long-list of candidates with you and agree on the preferred candidates for the shortlist




  • Acumen will conduct personal interviews with each shortlisted candidate and evaluate their candidacy in respect of the role, the culture of the firm and the team fit

  • Meet with the client to present the shortlist with full candidate summaries inclusive of compensation, benefits, notice period and overall work experience

  • Work with the client to ensure DE&I metrics are summarised in the search

  • Arrange interviews, provide expert interview preparation to the candidate and advise on best-practice regarding the interview process for the client


  • Carefully manage the communications to all parties for the final stage interview(s) 

  • Arrived at the chosen candidate and manage communication throughout the offer stage to ensure that all parties can reach a satisfactory arrangement

  • Formal offer is made, followed by formal referencing support

  • Maintain close contact with the candidate through their resignation phase and ensure a seamless transition to our client's firm

Our Coverage

Our coverage is focused on senior leaders across the spectrum of the Hospitality industry


  • Chief Executive Officers

  • Chief Financial Officers

  • Chief Operations Officers

  • Chief Marketing Officers

  • Managing Directors

  • Finance Directors

  • Human Resources Directors

  • Head of Sales / Commercial Directors

  • Investor Relations

  • Operations Directors

  • Property & Asset Managers

  • Non-Executive Directors & Board Advisors


  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Members Clubs

  • Events

  • Bars & Pubs

  • Leisure

  • QSR & Fast Casual

  • Food & Beverage Suppliers

Client Services

Client Svc

Market Mapping

Acumen Search Partners actively builds market maps of key leadership candidates across the breadth of the hospitality sector in the UK.    

We also have experience in undertaking mapping projects for clients who want to understand the structure of their key competitors. From this research, we are able to provide costings analyses and benchmarking against the wider market. 

Market Mapping


The problem with Salary Guides is that they are published annually and only reflect the salary data compiled over the last year. Of course, this can be very useful information but sometimes you may be looking for a more detailed or specific analysis of the candidate market. 

Benchmarking analysis enables you to learn how your key competitors'
 leadership teams are structured, how responsibility is assigned within the organisation, typical salary comparisons, or to assess the various levels of seniority that manage the business as a whole. 

This insight, provided with detailed analysis on 'how, why and who' provides our clients with enhanced metrics to enable improved decision-making and optimisation of team performance.


Professional Assessments

The more senior the position, the more impact their performance can affect the bottom line of the organisation. Acumen Search Partners can work with clients to find independent and objective assessment solutions, such as psychometric testing or more advanced techniques, such as Hogan Personality Assessments, to incorporate into the process. This removes any element of perceived bias from the process and enables clarity in decision-making on selecting the best candidate.

Pof Assess



Every candidate that Acumen Search Partners represents is an industry expert. You are a leader in your field and so are we. Our commitment is to work with each shortlisted candidate, to identify their leadership qualities, experience, achievements and competencies. Taking the time to learn about you and ensure that the best of you is reflected in your CV or in our communications with our clients, makes a huge difference. 

We can't work with everyone as we are led by our clients requirements, but if you are a leader in hospitality we are always keen to discuss your interests.


We always endeavour to work with the candidates that we believe are the most suitable for the roles that we have been mandated with. 


If you are represented by us, we will invest time in providing you with the best possible support we can to assist you in landing the job you’re interviewing for. Our representation requires a face-to-face meeting, or at the minimum a video call. Our clients expect it, and it serves your best interests to be represented by a consultant that has actually met you. 


Interview Coaching


Our Interview Coaching service is an essential part of our candidate service and will make a significant difference in your interview performance.  We break down each stage of the interview and outline the structure that almost all interviews are based upon. Once you understand the fundamentals, you can adapt and apply the information in your own way.

CV Advice & Review


We are leadership specialists. We work with you to make sure that your CV reflects the best of you; your skills, your knowledge, your experience and your achievements. We’ll format your CV so that your best qualities are delivered factually and elevate your profile. This means going through each line of your CV and analysing the impact of the statement you are making.


Why do we do this? Because we know you are an expert and leader in your field, and we want to ensure that this is how you are perceived on paper.

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Contact Us

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